God Knows Your Place

God Knows Your Place

christmas2013-slideWe’re one more week closer to Christmas! The snow’s getting higher (so are your credit card bills), and our anticipation is only growing! But before we get carried away, let’s look at Pastor Erik’s sermon for this past week.
He shared with us about the town of Bethlehem—the place where Christ was born—a small, backward town in Judah. It was a nothing, backward town that hadn’t really had a claim to fame since David, Israel’s greatest king, was found there hundreds of years earlier. In fact, Bethlehem was so sad, so small that it was still only known as the “city of David.” He really was the best thing that ever happened to Bethlehem.
Until Jesus.
Jesus was born in Bethlehem and, suddenly, we know this towns’ name today.
There’s a lot of truth here, but one of the simplest, deepest messages for us in this world-changing story is this: God knows your place. It doesn’t matter where you are; God knows. He knows where you are physically—small town, big city—emotionally—full of joy or hanging on by a thread—and spiritually—close to God or on the run from Him. It doesn’t matter where you are because God knows where He wants you to be.
He knows your place of insignificance or loneliness or pain. He knows your place of pride or business or comfort. He knows where you are, and He knows where He wants to take you.
Bethlehem was a nothing, nowhere town resting upon centuries-old fame until Jesus came. You were a lost, rebellious sinner until Jesus came. This Christmas, let’s remember that no place is too small, too crowded, too low or too far off for God to find, for God to visit.


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