We Are So Lucky!

We Are So Lucky!

This Sunday, Pastor Erik introduced us to our new sermon series “Lucky.” Let’s dive into this topic a little more.
When we say that someone is “lucky,” we’re essentially calling them “fortunate.” While the word luck can sometimes incorporate an element of “random chance,” that’s not the meaning here. No, when Jesus called His disciples “lucky,” He was saying that they were fortunate but not in a random manner. He was telling them that they were lucky and that God was the source of their luck. And nothing is random with God.
At the same time, along with “random chance,” there is a secondary condition that many of us assume with luck: it’s unearned and unconnected to our behavior.
To be sure, there are some who are superstitious, throwing salt over their shoulders and avoiding stepping on cracks. Such things might be fun or silly, but no one seriously believes that they generate luck, or if they do, we can seriously doubt their rationality.
No, the vast majority know that luck is unmerited. We cannot generate our own luck anymore than we can make it rain or, when the fields are properly watered, make it stop.
In this sense, our regular definition of “luck” as “unearned fortune” works beautifully with the truth of the Gospel. Jesus has extended to us love and life through a relationship with Him. This gift of relationship isn’t based upon what we’ve done or what we can or should do. It’s entirely based upon Jesus perfection, His death and resurrection, and His desire to restore us to our proper standing before God.
We are the inheritors of an incredible fortunate, one we didn’t earn or deserve! This is incredible! This is the Gospel: We are so lucky!.
You can buy the book, Lucky, that inspired this series here.


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