The Gospels: The Personal Gospel (#3)

The Gospels: The Personal Gospel (#3)

In my first post in this series, I explained that the word “gospel” meant “good news,” specifically, in a royal sense. So, “Good news [about or from] the king.” For us then, the “gospels” are good news about King Jesus.
There are four books that we have labeled as “gospels”: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. In my second post, I explained, briefly, who wrote each gospel, why, and to whom they were writing.
In this final post, I’d like to present the final gospel: you.

“There are five Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Christian—but most people will never read the first four.”

If a “gospel” is a proclamation of good news from the king, and if Jesus, the King of kings, is living in you through the Holy Spirit, then you, my friend, are a living gospel. Which leads us to a very serious question:
When people “read” you, are they experiencing the Jesus within you?
You’re a Christian, literally “like Christ.” Do you measure up to your name? You’re a child of God; is there a growing family resemblance?
We recently has a class at Cornerstone U called “Contagious Christian” based upon the book of the same name, and in this class, there was a great formula for sharing your faith:

HP + CP + CC = MI

HP – High Potency – Are you potent, powerful, full of God’s presence and His Word? If not, then, there’s not enough Jesus within you for others to see. You can correct this easily enough by taking time each day to read the Bible, seek God in prayer, and by focusing your attention on Him through worship.
CP – Close Proximity – Are you close enough to those on the outside of God’s family so that they can see who you really are, in Christ? Andy Stanley puts it this way, “Jesus loved sinners, and sinners loved Jesus.” You might think you love those on the outside, but do they feel it? Do they return it? What does it matter if you spend time in God’s presence if you ignore His heart’s cry by ignoring those whom He died for?
CC – Clear Communication – It’s not good enough just to know the truth, you have to be able to communicate it clearly. Plus, the worlds mean nothing if our actions don’t match up. You’ll more clearly communicate the truth of Jesus if your actions and attitude clearly reflect His love and your trust in Him.
MI – Maximum Impact – It call comes down to this: seeing individuals meet Jesus, watching outsiders become insiders, orphans being adopted into the family. If we truly desire to see this happen, the first three have to happen.
Fewer people read the Bible every year, and yet, you’re probably interacting with more and more people. You are the only “gospel” that most people will ever read.
May God make you an accurate proclamation of His good news: we were broken and doomed; and Jesus is victorious, fixing all who will submit to Him and carrying them into eternity.