What to Expect at Cornerstone

What to Expect at Cornerstone

Cornerstone Church is a safe place where everyone can feel welcome. If you have any questions about what it’s like to attend Cornerstone, you’ll likely find your answers below.

What should I wear? (Do I have have to dress up?)
We want you to be comfortable so dress however you want! We have a wide range of styles and tastes represented at our church. Some wear jeans and a t-shirt, others wear a suit or a dress. The bottom line is we don’t care…just wear something!

What kind of music do you sing?
We sing a variety of songs that are best describe as “contemporary” worship. We have a full band with electric guitars, drums and piano. We sing songs that encourage us to worship God freely and passionately that are deep in meaning, but easy to understand. We often post a list of our worship songs ahead of time.

How long are the services?
Our services start at 10:10am and end at 11:30am—just in time to beat the lunch rush!

What about my kids?
We love kids at Cornerstone! We have a wonderful team of workers who teach Sunday School and Children’s Church each week. Safety is essential for us. All of our volunteers who work with minors have passed a national background check. We also have a check-in and check-out procedure to make sure that kids are properly accounted for and so you can have peace of mind.

Will I be asked to give money?
If it’s your first time, we consider you a guest and don’t expect you to give. If you decide to make Cornerstone your church home, we believe that giving to God and the church is the biblical thing to do as a part of the family.

What is the overall atmosphere like?
We are a friendly church with a laid back atmosphere. You can help yourself to donuts and coffee in our lobby before service or find a seat with friends in our auditorium.

If you have a question that we haven’t addressed here, please don’t hesitate to email us.