For the Coming Glory

Life on Earth isn’t easy, and being Christians doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. God calls us to serve Him by serving and loving others. He calls us to go to extremes, to risk shame and embarrassment, to embrace humility, and to make God’s passion our own. When prodigals find themselves in the pig stye, far from Father God, we are to be His ambassadors to those lost in the filth of a messy life. This is not an appealing…

Holiness: Purity from Purpose

We often think of “holiness” as a synonym for “purity,” but this is a bit backwards. To be holy, something must be set aside for a special, divine purpose. When we set something apart for God, we refuse to profane it, to waste it on common use. That’s where the purity comes from—we purify it by setting it apart for something special. Treating something as holy makes it pure. Of course, this forces us to ask, “For what purpose have…

Week 43 Catechism

What are the sacraments or ordinances? CLICK HERE FOR THE ANSWER Questions are shared from New City Catechism