Cornerstone University

Cornerstone University

What is Cornerstone University?

Cornerstone University is our Wednesday night program for adults. It consists of three to four rotating classes. Every four weeks the topics, teachers, and rooms change. Our hope is to keep things fresh and exciting. We want you to attend Wednesday evenings because you enjoy your class and find it helpful in your Christian walk.

As a part of Cornerstone University, everyone will gather together in the Auditorium for a time of worship and prayer at the beginning of the evening. This will give us a chance to celebrate what God is doing as a family and to prepare our hearts, making us sensitive to hear from God before we begin our classes.
The audio from select classes can be found here.

Classes are approximately 30 minutes long.

2018 Session #6 | July 11-25

New Believers: Bite by Bite
Without regular Bible study, we will never grow deeper in our faith. This class is the first step to being equipped for comprehensive Bible study using the internet and other inexpensive resources.

Believers: How Christians Think
Everyone has a worldview: it’s how you see the world and how you see yourself fitting into it. Simply put: a worldview is the framework that guides our thinking. The problem isn’t developing a worldview but making sure that we develop a Christian worldview, which is contrary to the way others thing in several ways. Thankfully, we can go to the Bible in order to set our minds straight, and that is what we will do in this class.

Service Through Prayer
For those mature believers, who feel like the class offered does not meet a need in their life at this moment, we offer several opportunities to serve. One of these is through intercessory prayer in our auditorium. During the prayer time, we’ll highlight various ministries going on at the same time or during the week, and we will ask God to bless others through these ministries. This is a time, not for believers to pray for their own sake, but to follow the example of Jesus in John 17 and go to God in prayer on behalf of others.

If you have any questions about Cornerstone University, you can direct them to Pastor Phil.