Cornerstone University

Cornerstone University

What is Cornerstone University?

Cornerstone University is our Wednesday night program for adults. It consists of three to four rotating classes. Every six weeks the topics, teachers, and rooms change. Our hope is to keep things fresh and exciting. We want you to attend Wednesday evenings because you enjoy your class and find it helpful in your Christian walk.

As a part of Cornerstone University, everyone will gather together in the Auditorium for a time of worship and prayer at the beginning of the evening. This will give us a chance to celebrate what God is doing as a family and to prepare our hearts, making us sensitive to hear from God before we begin our classes.

The audio from select classes can be found here.

Classes are approximately 30 minutes long.

Fall Session #2 | October 18 – November 15 (5 Weeks)

Overcoming Fear, Depression, and Anxiety | Brad Paschal
We’ll be learning a bit about the science of the brain, specifically, how the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience prove Scripture—that the mind can be renewed.  We will discuss how God has made a way for us to break the cycles of toxic thinking and emotion, and we will look for practical ways to apply this knowledge.

The Reformation | Pastor Phil
500 years ago, Europe was rocked by a schism in the Catholic church. At the center of it was an eccentric monk named Martin Luther, to whom all Protestant churches owe thanks. For five weeks, we’ll examine Luther’s life and the doctrine the Reformation spawned: the Five Solas.

Membership 101 | Pastor Kermit
What does it mean to be a “member” of Cornerstone Church? What is expected, and why is it important? If you’d like to become an official member of Cornerstone, this class is the first step in that process.