Sermons by Phil Schneider (Page 10)

Sermons by Phil Schneider (Page 10)

Appropriate to Sound Doctrine

Most of us would readily admit that it’s important to know what the Bible says, to believe the right things. How many of us would admit, however, that we need help figuring out how to apply what we have learned? Paul gave some fairly clear instructions on this very issue in Titus 2, and that’s where we’ll focus our attention this evening.

Simple | Week 8 – Heaven

In the final week of the class, we talk about the “end of the world” and the beginning of the next. We’ll also discuss Heaven in the Bible and in pop culture.

Simple | Week 7 – Sacraments

This week is a bit different since it was recorded after the class was over: we had a slight technical difficulty during the class. Despite that, we’ll take a brief look at what the Church calls “sacraments” or “ordinances”—water baptism, communion, and marriage.

Simple | Week 6 – Prayer & Worship

Prayer and worship are two foundational disciplines, or behaviors, that are critical to our spiritual health. However, could it be that prayer and worship aren’t “two” separate disciplines as we’ve all assumed but two parts of the greater discipline of “loving God and living in His presence”?